Atium to get funding from Gladium and Chalmers Ventures.

Sweden Investments 24 June 2020
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Atium, a Gothenburg, Sweden-based technology manufacturer for water treatment, announced getting into an investment agreement and adding more shareholders in the company.

The investors include the Swedish from Gladium and Chalmers Ventures. Jan Svärd from Gladium will join the company's board.

Atium was founded in 2017 by Emma Ericson, Johan Björkquist and Björn Wickman based on research work made at the Chalmers University of Technology. The project patented a technology consisting of a reusable filter that removes the toxic substances from water by means of electrochemistry, aiming to contribute to an environment free of dangerous heavy metals. The technology is based on electrochemistry and is used to purify mercury water.