Audi closes down its Stockholm-based pilot project for car sharing.

Sweden 10 February 2017
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Audi announced it had closed down Audi Unite, its car sharing project initiative based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Audi Unite was launched as a pilot project testing the car sharing market, and had a different twist than other local competitors such as Car2Go (owned by Daimler) and Sunfleet (owned by Volvo). You would choose a car that you could share with 5 friends, while splitting all the maintenance costs, all managed by a mobile app.

Audi Unite never got enough traction in Stockholm, a competitive market dominated by Volvo's service, Sunfleet, which operated 1000 cars and SEK 108 million in sales for 2015.

In 2016, Daimler-owned Car2Go also announced the Car2Go the discontinuation of its carsharing service in Stockholm due to the low number of members or car-usage.