Aurealis Pharma completed a $7.7M capital round from Finnish and Swiss investors

Finland Investments 08 February 2019
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Aurealis Pharma, a Kuopio, Finland and Basel, Switzerland-based private biopharmaceutical company developing novel three-in-one combination biologics for chronic non-healing wounds and cancer, announced that it completed a CHF 7.8M ($7.7M) capital investment round.

The funding was provided by funding provided by Swiss and Finnish investors, including Finnvera and Business Finland.

The Company also confirmed the de-merger and a plan to develop and commercialize the AUP-16 under a new legal entity – Aurealis Therapeutics AG. The proceeds of this financing will be used in Aurealis Therapeutics AG to fund the AUP-16 first-in-human Phase 1 clinical study for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).

Aurelis Pharma, led by CEO Juha Yrjänheikki, was founded in the Finnish city Kuopio in 2010, and today operates from there and from Basel in Switzerland. The company is developing novel three-in-one combination biologic  AUP-16 for chronic non-healing  wounds  and  other  regenerative  diseases. The product is  based on Aurealis Pharma
technology  where  genetically engineered  lactic acid bacteria act as millions of small bioreactors in the human tissue and produce multiple human therapeutic proteins into target tissue to effectively and safely re-educate the distorted host immune microenvironment to proper state.