Baseimmune raised a £685k capital round of investment led by Creator Fund.


Baseimmune, an Oxford, UK-based biotech company, announced securing funding totalling £685k ($950k).

The money was raised from investors led by the British investors from Creator Fund joined by Mike Watson, ex-president of Moderna’s infectious disease spinout. Maki.VC from Finland and Rockmount Seed Investments from Jersey also supported the round.

Baseimmune, founded in 2019 by a group of Oxford University scientists led by CEO Ariane Gomes, is using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to predict how viruses will change, and to identify “future-proof” antigens that will form key elements of the next generation of vaccines. As well as COVID, it is designing vaccines for malaria, HPV and others. Baseissume revealed that it is working on the world’s first multi genotypes therapeutic vaccine against HPV, designed to prevent those infected from developing cervical cancer.

The team has previously designed over 15 vaccines, with two in human clinical trials. They have also initiated the preclinical development of a number of its own vaccine candidates including a universal COVID vaccine and a veterinary vaccine against African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV).