Blue Ocean Robotics raises €14.9M from Nordic Eye Venture Capital

Denmark 23 October 2018

Blue Ocean Robotics, an Odense, Denmark-based robotics company, announced in a press release the closing of a €13M ($14.9M) investment round.

The money was provided by Danish investors, including Nordic Eye Venture Capital and angel investor Niels Thorborg. Michael Tandrup of Nordic Eye Venture Capital will join the board of Blue Ocean Robotics.

Nordic Eye Venture Capital expects an exit of more than €130 million in just a few years.

The investment is primarily meant to strengthen the commercial setup surrounding the international scaling of Blue Ocean Robotics’ partnering model, RoBi-X, but it will also be giving a boost to the development of new technology as well as it will attract and develop talented employees.

Blue Ocean Robotics, founded in 2013 by CEO Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard, developed a robotics hub, whereby it manufactures its robotic technologies across various businesses and applications and then uses skills and network available for the partnering companies in exchange for royalties and co-ownership when the robot is ready for the market. The company recently closed a deal through its Singapore division on the delivery of 500 Beam robots to the Japanese company Hapi-Robo.

Total investments received (USD): 53.76M