Canguro English was acquired by UK-based Fluentify

Spain M&A 20 January 2020
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Canguro English, a Lugo, Spain-based language teaching company, announced that it was acquired by the London, UK-based Fluentify.

The deal has the financial details undisclosed.

Fluentify, founded by Claudio Bosco, Giacomo Moiso and Matteo Avalle, operates an online tutoring platform providing language training, covering the B2B and the consumer markets.

Canguro English is a one-man company founded by an English teacher providing fluency lessons in English via Youtube. The founder would upload two videos per week on YouTube and answer hundreds of students' questions on Facebook and Instagram every month, all while teaching full-time at my English academy in Spain. The lessons were provided for free and the company was making many from Patreon donations or merch sales.