Coverflex closed a €5 million funding round backed by Breega and the 200M Fund.

France Portugal 12 April 2021

Coverflex, a Lisbon, Portugal startup building a B2B SAAS for employees benefits management, announced the completion of a €5 million ($6M) funding round.

The money was raised from the French investors from Breega and included the participation of the 200M Fund.

Coverflex, founded remotely in 2019 by Luís Rocha (ex-TUI Musement), CEO Miguel Santo Amaro (ex-Uniplaces), Nuno Pinto (ex-Kide) and Rui Carvalho (ex-Unbabel), developed all-in-one platform, which allows companies, large or small, to design, consolidate and customize their compensation offers, beyond salary, with health insurance, allowances, fringe benefits and discounts. Thanks to his solution, companies can improve the benefits of their employees, while saving time and money. With access to a VISA card, an application, and company-defined budgets and options, each employee can choose benefits tailored to their personal needs.

Customers include  PwC, Bolt, Emma - The Sleep Company, Landing.Jobs, Startup Lisboa, Rows, Paul Stricker, Velocidi, Dott and Unbabel.

Total investments received (USD): 5.99M