Cuckoo Broadband in a $6 million investment deal led by RTP Global.

United Kingdom Russia 24 April 2021

Cuckoo Broadband, a London, U.K.-based startup providing telecom broadband services, announced the completion of a $6 million capital funding round.

The money was raised from investors led by the Russian VC RTP Global, joined by London-based JamJam Investments and other investors.

Cuckoo Broadband, founde din 2019 by CEO Alexander Fitzgerald, is building a challenger telecom company in London, providing internet broadband services - at one fixed speed and one price, on a flexible rolling contract basis, with transparent pricing. The company says that switching customers saves on average £130 on their broadband bill, at double the average speed.

Cuckoo Broadband previously raised £470k ($580k) in seed funding in 2020, from investors including, a new Silicon Valley fund operator fund led by Bart Macdonald, GrowthInvest and angel investors Lorin van Nuland, Edward Campbell-Harris, Patrick Barouki and James Bowe.

Total investments received (USD): 6.58M