Disior raises EUR 600k in seed funding from Maki VC and existing investors for a novel technology used to analyze and model bone fractures and soft tissue.

Finland 13 March 2018

Disior Analytics, a Helsinki, Finland-based company developing software for diagnostics and treatment optimization designed for doctors' everyday clinical use, announced raising EUR 600k ($738k) in a seed investment round.

The backers include existing investors and Finnish venture firm Maki VC.

Disior Analytics, founded in 2016 by Anna-Maria Henell (CEO), Gonçalo Barreto, Risto Kontio and Sakari Soini, developed a software solution for clinical use and which can measure and model tissue structures.

The technology works with all 3D imaging formats: Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CT and MRI) and the analysis software turns images automatically into mathematical models, to get precise and reproducible measures and shapes to patient-specific diagnosis and treatment planning.

Disior has a total addresable market that with a sope of 3.5 million bone fractures per year in EU alone, and associated total direct costs estimated at € 31.7 billion. The number of fractures is estimated to rise to 4.5 million in 2025, mainly due to aging population. Also, the number of medical images is on the rise. In Finland alone, the number of radiological exams for hard and soft tissue was close to 6 million in 2015.

Total investments received (USD): 2.75M