Hefring Marine raised capital from Nýsköpunarsjóður

Iceland Investments 15 July 2019
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Hefring Marine, a Reykjavik, Iceland-based software developer for boat manufacturers and owners, announced in a press release that it entered into an investment agreement with state-owned investment company Nýsköpunarsjóður (The New Business Venture Fund), from Iceland.

The deal was made for an equity stake of about 25%.

Hefring ehf., founded in 2018 by Karl Birgir Björnsson, Björn Jónsson and Magnús Þór Jónsson, developed a software product that aims to enhance the safety of seafarers and provide boat owners with a better overview of boat schedules.

The company's first product, Hefring Marine, aims to increase safety and reduce the number of accidents on board speed boats. Hefring Marine provides guidance to navigators during the voyage and operators provide insights and analysis of behavioral and navigational behavior data - the equipment can be compared to tachographs in cars.

Hefring is also aiming to create new solutions based on boat data, analyze navigation and other factors that can be used to improve boat operations.