Kontomatic was acquired by Runa Capital, Amadeus Capital Partners and two individual investors

United Kingdom United States Poland 16 September 2020

Kontomatik, a Warsaw, Poland-based SAAS provider of open banking applications for non-bank entities, announced that it was acquired by a number of professional investors.

The deal was made for 100% of the shares and investors include venture companies Runa Capital, Amadeus Capital Partners and two individual ones.

The rationale is implementing further the company's business strategy independently and market its open banking-based services across Europe

Kontomatik, founded in 2009 and led by CEO Michal Lukasik,  provides stable and secure connections with banks through API, enabling businesses to use banking data to develop efficient and personalised services. Data obtained through API Kontomatik can be used for customer identification, detailed credit risk assessment and precise customer segmentation. The company operates in 11 markets and gives access to data from over 130 banks in Europe and SEA and now is planning to expand services for non-banking financial institutions.

Total investments received (USD): N/A