Lix Technologies closes a DKK 34M investment round from angel investor Anders Holch Polvsen

Denmark Investments 09 August 2017
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Lix Technologies, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based company managing a digital education platform, closed a new investment round totalling DKK 34M ($5.36M).

The money comes from local angel investor Anders Holch Povlsen via his company, Brightfolk, for an equity range of 25-33.3% and will be used to further expansion outside Scandinavia, namely in US and UK.

Lix Technologies, founded in 2015 under the name Unipegma by CEO Camilla Hessellund Lastein, developed a technology platform for making it easy and very cheap for students to use school textbooks. The company was actually started from the founder's frustration with inconvenient and expensive textbooks and aims to become "Spotify for textbooks".

Prior to this deal, since its founding, Lix Technologies raised about $3.2M in outside funding, fom investors including North Media, David Helgason and Tommy Ahlers.