Migränhjälpen to add $630k from Almi and Add Health Media

Sweden Investments 05 March 2020
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Migränhjälpen, a Jönköping, Sweden-based company providing digital health services, announced in a press release the completion of a capital raise of SEK 6.2M ($660k).

The funding was provided by private investors from Sweden, including Add Health Media, matched by a SEK 2M contribution provided by Almi Invest. Money will be used to launch the company service as well as for recruitment of doctors, nurses and other staff.

Migränhjälpen, founded in 2019 by Johan Nyberg and CEO Mattias Bodin, is working for launching a digital service available for users looking to get treated for migraines. Migraine is a disease that is very well suited for digital care since no blood tests, ECG or the like need to be taken. The diagnosis can be made directly in the Migraine Aid through a thorough history with a number of questions.