Noona Healthcare was acquired by Varian.

Finland 12 October 2018

Noona Healthcare, a Helsinki, Finland cloud-based, oncology-focused software developer, announced that it was acquired by American, Palo Alto, California-based Varian, a radiation oncology treatments and software maker.

The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed.

Varian plans on combining its 360 Oncology SaaS platform with Noona's patient user interface to offer a robust solution that lets patients actively engage with their cancer care team through treatment, recovery and post-treatment care. Varian also plans to further expand Noona's portfolio of real-world evidence-driven services, such as PROs, to other key stakeholders to enable outcomes studies, clinical trials and digital therapeutics.

Noona Healthcare, founded in 2014 by CEO Jani Ahonala and Pasi Heiskanen, developed a cloud-based mobile service designed to capture patient-reported outcomes in Oncology. Noona connects cancer clinics with their patients online to improve survival and save clinical resources. 

The company raised €1.5M in a seed funding round led by Inventure in 2016. Other investors in the round included Noaber Ventures, the investment arm of The Noaber Foundation, and Belgium-based digital healthcare fund Capricorn ICT Arkiv. All of them exit the company.

Total investments received (USD): 1.59M