Nordic Capital and Sampo acquire Nordax Bank and delist it from the stock exchange

Finland Sweden Secondary 05 February 2018
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Nordic Capital Fund VIII and Sampo plc, through NDX Intressenter AB, announced on 8 February 2018 a recommended mandatory public cash offer to the shareholders in Nordax Group AB (publ) to acquire all outstanding shares in Nordax at a price of SEK 60 per share.

On 15 March 2018 NDX Intressenter declared the Offer unconditional and that the Offer would be completed.

NDX Intressenter now announces the outcome of the Offer and, at the same time, extends the acceptance period to 5 April 2018 in order to give the remaining shareholders an additional possibility to accept the Offer.

At the end of the acceptance period on 21 March 2018, the Offer had been accepted by shareholders representing a total of 23,044,054 shares in Nordax, corresponding to 20.77 per cent of all shares and votes in the company.

Nordic Capital and Sampo will, in connection with NDX Intressenter now completing the Offer, transfer all of their shares in Nordax to NDX Intressenter, which means that together with the acceptances received in the Offer, NDX Intressenter will own 107,689,866 shares, corresponding to 97.07 per cent of all shares and votes in Nordax.