Plandisc secured more capital from existing investor, Brightfolk.

Denmark Investments 03 January 2019
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Plandisc, an Aarhus, Denmark-based startup working on a software as a service solution helping companies do better planning, secured an undisclosed amount of capital in the company. The money was provided by existing investor, Brightfolk, following up an initial investment made at the end of 2017.

Plandisc was founded in 2016 by by Mads Nielsen, Jørgen Bøndergaard Iversen, Torben Stigaard and Morten Mellergaard Baun with the aim to work on a software solution that helps with planning and follow-up, and give an overall view of the annual organization’s cyclic processes. The company has ten employees and more than 37,000 users, with Denmark and Sweden accounting for 60 per cent of revenue.