Siren Care receives $3.4M capital investment from DCM, Khosla Ventures and Founders Fund, launches smart socks for tracking diabet.

Denmark Investments 28 March 2018
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Siren Care, an Aarhus, Denmark and San Francisco, USA-based company providing smart socks for health monitoring, announced raising $3.4M in capital investment.

The money comes from US-based venture investors, including DCM, Khosla Ventures, Liquid2, Founders Fund and Leo Chan, and will be used to create additional products in the health space with the company's technology.

Siren Care, founded in 2015 by Henk Jan Scholten, Jie Fu and Ran Ma (CEO), has created Neurofabrics, a novel way to embed electronics directly inside of fabric to create smart textiles that are flexible, washable, and seamless; and can be produced on standard weaving machines.

The first product is Siren Diabetic Socks, a real-time injury detecting sock to help diabetics prevent amputations. The tech inserted in the sock can track temperature changes in feet for diabetics, which can help figure out when things are starting to go wrong and the person needs to go to the doctor. Each sock has six sensors, they’re machine-washable and don’t need to be charged.

Siren Care works as a subscription model, starting from $19.95 a month, which gets people an initial pack of five pairs of socks, access to fresh socks every six months and access to the Siren Hub for monitoring.

Prior to this deal, Siren Care raised money from a range of investors including 500 Startups, Bragiel Brothers, Plug and Play, A-Level Capital, Pascal Levy-Garboua and Julie McDermott.