Startup profile: Sp8ces - a network of coworking spaces operating from a marketplace model.

Denmark 26 September 2018
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Sp8ces transforms beautiful areas of hotels and resturants with excess capacity during the day into a network of inspiring working spaces for people to co work, meet and network. It is a young startup, founded in 2017 and which was accepted into the Katapult accelerator in summer of 2018.

What are the names of founders, their management roles, and how many full-time paid employees do you have?

Jakob Danelund, CTO and co-founder. Previously 4 years at Implement Consulting Group.
Niels Meibom, CEO and co-founder. 15 experience as executive in retail and services.

Do you have external funding or are you bootstrapped?

Began boostrapped. Have raised some external funding from Preseed Ventures and now a bit more from having been accepted into the Katapult Accelerator program as one of 12 startups from 1500 applicants. 

What problem do you solve and for what industry?

The workforce is increasingly becoming more mobile and looking for flexible work solutions, as well as a finding ways of being part of something. Sp8ces is providing an inspiring and affordable workspace in every neighbourhood by transforming underutilized spaces in the city into a network of work lounges and simultaneously building a virtual enabled community for entrepreneurs, creators and innovative companies to meet, learn and collaborate. 

How do you make money, what is your business model?


Why do you think the value you're creating is so important that customers are willing to pay for your solution?

Ww provide dedicated work spaces and a legimate way of utilizing beautiful spaces at hotels and restaurants as workspaces, while at the same time connecting you to a world of exciting people.

Do you have paying customers or some sort of external validation?

We have paying customers.

Who is your local and international competition?

Companies such as Spacious in the US in also looking at leveraging real estate assets in a more sustainable way and creating value for the modern workforce. Other competion is from the many free workspaces around the city and the comfort of your home.

What is the biggest challenge you need to solve in the next few months?

Launching our first market outside Denmark and build the value we are creating to both sides of the platform.

If you're hiring, why should anybody join you?

Because you are passionate about building an exciting infrastructure - physically and virtually - for the modern workforce in a sustainable way.

Are you looking for external funding? If yes, how much and for what?

We are looking to raise an additional 1-1.5 mill DKK over the next couple of months while finalizing the Katapult Accelerator Program.

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