Swed-Weld raises investment capital from Scania Growth Capital.

Sweden Investments 25 April 2018
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Swed-Weld, a Värnamo, Sweden-based producer of add-on equipment for the optimisation of automated manufacturing lines, announced raising a capital investment round to the company.

The money comes from Scania’s corporate venture capital-fund, Scania Growth Capital. In addition to capital investment, Scania Growth Capital also provides a platform where Scania can contribute its industry knowledge to its portfolio companies. In conjuction with the investment, Lars Henrik Jörnving, head of Global Industrial Development at Scania, will join Swed-Weld’s board of directors.

Swed-Weld, founded by CEO Henrik Larsson, has as its primary product feeding machines for welding nuts, which are an important part of the robot cells that are used in modern manufacturing. When connected, Swed-Weld’s feeding machines provide data that when analysed enable troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and software upgrades. This in turn reduces the number of production stops, so increasing production efficiency.