Toitware secured seed capital in an investment round including Creandum.

Denmark Sweden Investments 25 February 2019
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Toitware, an Aarhus, Denmark-based startup working on a general-purpose computing platform for IoT devices, announced that it raised an undisclosed amount in seed capital.

The money was provided by the Swedish venture capital company Creandum.

Toitware, founded in 2017 by CEO Kasper Lund and Lars Bak, builds a new programming language which aims to become a platform for Internet of Things devices with an eye towards security and automatic update. Toitware lets you build software for IoT that runs inside a virtual machine on your IoT device, similar to how JavaScript runs inside V8. This has the benefit that the code is contained from the rest of the software: if your code crashes, the device, and any other code, keeps running. It also lets you run multiple applications on the same device: apps for your appliances.