Treyd to raise SEK 15 million in a round backed by J12 Ventures


Treyd, a Stockholm, Sweden-based operator of a digital trade contract platform, completed a SEK 15 million ($1.8M) capital funding round.

The money was raised from investors from Sweden J12 Ventures, joined by Antler. The deal was closed in March 2021.

Treyd, incubated in 2019 at Antler by CEO Peter Beckman and Sameh El-Ansary, offers a digital payment solution for financing importers before receiving their goods shipped from other countries. The company uses an automated solution based on an algorithm for risk assessment, which means that each individual assessment is significantly faster and cheaper than if it were done manually. The company says it works with around 30 customers from Sweden and has financed transactions for SEK 45 million ($5M).

Treyd previously raised angel funding from Charlie Songhurst and Njordventures.

Total investments received (USD): 2.23M