Ubiq Aerospace secured capital investment from Lupa Systems and NTNU

Norway Investments 28 June 2019
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Ubiq Aerospace, a Trondheim, Norway-based company producing de-icing systems aimed to “transform” unmanned aircraft operations in cold climates, announced closing in a seed financing round.

The money was supported by American company Lupa Systems and by the Norwegian tech accelerator NTNU Accel. Following the deal, Lupa Systems will own 20% of the controlling shares. Funding will be used to introduce the company's product to other business verticals.

Ubiq Aerospace was founded in 2017 by CEO Kim Lynge Sørensen and Kasper Trolle Boru based on their work as PHD students at NTNU. The company commercializes de-icing systems -- called D-ICE -- that will “transform” unmanned aircraft operations in cold climates.

D-ICE is an intelligent ice detection and mitigation solution for unmanned aircraft. Icing on exposed surfaces has serious consequences to UAS operations. Even minor icing may severely affect flight control and endanger critical missions. Today, the best practice for avoiding icing is to ground the aircraft. While this reduces the risk of losing valuable equipment, the result is loss of surveillance/inspection capability, delayed missions and increased personnel costs. There are no efficient solutions available to counter icing on unmanned aircraft.

The product, which was initially tested together with US Air Force and NASA military in Alaska, USA, is being targeted for both commercial and military use. The company expects it may also help unmanned aircraft used for package deliveries and flying taxis, and plans to introduce its D-ICE product to the unmanned-aviation market early next year.