Woshapp starts working in Stockholm with DriveNow, BMW's on-demand car service.

Sweden 11 October 2017
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Woshapp, a Stockholm, Sweden-based startup providing on-demand car washing services, announced entering into a partnership with DriveNow, BMW's on-demand car service. Woshapp' service will be available for the 300 cars fleet DriveNow currently manages in Stockholm.

The local on-demand car market is dominated by Sunfleet, owned by Volvo, which manages more than 1000 cars across Sweden. In 2015, Sunfleet registered SEK 108M ($12M) in sales.

Woshapp was founded in 2017 and led by CEO Jens Karlsson. In 2017 it got accepted into STING and received SEK 300k in funds from Propel.