American VC investors in Europe - who are they

16 February 2021 Insights
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American VCs are coming to Europe - this was a very common refrain heard in the European venture circles in 2019-2020.

Truth is, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Each year, the deals in the US have become more expensive and the competition for writing a check increasingly high. 

Besides, Europeans started to produce more and more interesting startups, combined with exits aka money and skills recycled back into the ecosystem.

Those two factors have become signficant enough so that they could justify the efforts and overheads of the American VC investors to spend more attention and time to the European dealflow.

And then... the pandemic came. And, among many effects, this produced a very interesting context: startup location started to lose in importance since all lead qualification and due dilligence was made via video calls anyways. And this is how more and more American investors started to get active in Europe.

In 2020 we tracked more than 500 American investors active in European deals. In the first 6 weeks of 2021 we tracked more than 150!

We reviewed all those deals and produced a report profiling 20 VC investors from the US who are actively dealing in Europe.


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Access the report American investors in Europe - who are they


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