Is Klarna really worth $31 billion?

02 March 2021 Insights
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Klarna raising $1 billion at a $31 billion valuation is probably one of most significant piece of news from the European startup market recently.

Not only because this makes it the most valuable VC- backed fintech business from Europe (which is important for investors and makes them happy) but also because it begs the question whether the valuation makes sense.

What kind of information did Klarna's investors have access to, and made them so bullish that they priced the company 6X higher since 2019?

We produced a report aiming to decompose all the details - the business model drivers, key numbers and financial scenarios, as well as the growth avenues we believe investors took into account when further committed equity to the future of Klarna.

Our conclusion - Klarna's road ahead is bright and promising, and believe that if you’re looking at it just as a BNPL business, you are missing out. Even though it may not look obvious now, Klarna is building the foundation that down the road puts it in the position to challenge Amazon while becoming a fully-fledged financial service provider.


Access the report Is Klarna really worth $31 billion?

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The report includes:

  • Klarna's business model analysis
  • four financial growth scenarios analysis for the next 3 years
  • details about two new sizeable markets that Klarna is preparing to get into

Access the report Is Klarna really worth $31 billion?


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