What are the top investment deals in the Nordics for Q2

02 July 2020 Euro Lists
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We're closing the books for the first part of the year, and it is time to have a look at the largest investment transactions we tracked for companies based in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

The numbers below are in USD and include equity deals for minority packages - secondary and M&As are treated separately.

Wolt | Food Industry
108.18M in May 2020

Doktor.se | Health services
49.91M in May 2020

  Mercell | Software Services    
46.4M in Jun 2020

  Swappie | Marketplace
40.56M in Jun 2020

Anyfin | Financial Services    
29.82M in May 2020

Budbee | Logistics 
29.82M in Apr 2020

  Kahoot | Gaming 
28M in Jun 2020

Acast | Media 
26.67M in Jun 2020

Templafy | Software Services    
25M in Apr 2020

LunarWay | Financial Services 
21.59M in Apr 2020

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The investment data is presented on as is basis for companies transacted on the Nordic private market and doesn't consider debt instruments, grants and ICOs. Secondary transactions include equity sale to a secondary investment manager.

Data is collected via customised software from primary and secondary sources and cross-verified from multiple places, including governmental data providers such as Bolagsverket, Virk and Brønnøysund. Information is manually curated and translated in English for 5 different countries and languages, tracking more than 10,000 entities from the Nordic area.

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