Why did Point Nine Capital invested $12 million in Whereby?

17 March 2021 Insights
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This week Whereby announced raising $12 million for a SAAS op selling a video collaboration tool for freelancers and small companies.

If you don't know what Whereby is - in 2013 two guys bought out from Telenor, the Norwegian telecom company, a software tool called Appear.in and used for video collaboration.

The two are Øyvind Reed and Jørn Mikalsen - the latter previously involved in Tandberg, acquired by Cisco for NOK 19bn ($2.5bn) in 2010.

The deal was initially made for a share of 70% in the company controlling it, called Videonor - they worked on Appear.in within Telenor's digital incubator until 2017 when they bought it entirely.

In 2020 they renamed it Whereby and this week they announced closing a $12 million series A investment round, backed by Point Nine Capital and some 20 high profile angel investors. Point Nine initially invested in the company at the beginning of 2020, in a deal that was announced just now, with the series A.

I don't remember seeing recently too many VCs from Europe so enthusiastic publicly after closing a series A round. Add to the unusual the fact that the said VC is German. :-)

There's a few reasons for that:

First - the relief/excitement for being right 15 months ago, by backing a video SAAS outsider before the pandemic. 2020 was the year of crossing the chasm for Whereby - that writing was on the wall, the pandemic just transformed an upward demand trend of using video conference tools as a WFH mean into a hockey stick.

Second - the execution was there. I bet that it wasn't an easy, straighforward year for the Norwegians, but the end result is nothing short of remarkable - 4.5x yoy in a market that is expected to grow in the double digits CAGR in the next 5-10 years. A market dominated by heavy enterprise providers like Cisco, Zoom, Microsoft and Google.

Third - the best is yet to come. Not only the PMF is there as reflected by the 2020 results, but Whereby truly has the potential to become a $100 million a year company in less than 3 years. The dream of every VC, and usually the definition of a great SAAS startup investment.

We created a report digging deeper into the fundamentals and analysing the specific numbers about Whereby's growth potential.

Our conclusion: Whereby is a serious unicorn candidate and has the opportunity to be one of the European special startups.


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  • financial projections for the next 5 years
  • risks and future evolution

Access the report Why did Point Nine Capital invested $12 million in Whereby?


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