Coffee Stain Studio funds Other Tales Interactive.

Denmark Sweden Investments 30 January 2018
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Other Tales Interactive, a Danish/Swedish studio based in Copenhagen, announced that it received funding from Coffee Stain Studio.

The money is used together with guiding for the developemnt of the first title, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, a two-player adventure game where players have to communicate and collaborate in order to solve puzzles and piece together a story.

Other Tales Interactive, founded by Tanja Tankred and Mira Dorthé, was part of the Swedish incubator called Stugan, and their game has been nominated for several awards.

Coffee Stain Studios, led by CEO Anton Westbergh, is a gaming developer based in Skövde and is also an active investor in other small studios. At the same time with the investment announcement, the company also launched a funding initiative focused on promoting gender equality within game development studios. The initiative, which can support funding up to SEK 1M, is aimed at small teams, equally made up of women and men employees.