Crosser Technologies AB closed €1.4M in seed funding for an IoT cloud-based management platform.

Sweden Investments 09 October 2017
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Crosser Technologies, a Sundsvall, Sweden-based company developer of Intelligent Edge Computing software (or “Fog Computing”) for industrial and enterprise IoT, announced that it has raised €1.4M ($1.7M) in seed capital.

The investment round include Spintop Ventures, Almi Invest and Norrlandsfonden as investors and the money will be used to support the launch of the company's Intelligent Edge Computing software for Industrial IoT.

Crosser Technologies, founded in 2016 by CEO Martin Thunman, designs and develops intelligent edge computing software for industrial and enterprise IoT applications.

Crosser’s software acts as an on-site middle-layer between sensors and cloud services, analyzing the streaming data in real-time and enabling large cost savings and real-time local actions for time-sensitive applications. It is designed to collect all the data from sensors or operational technology (OT) machine data in real-time, analyze the data in milliseconds, aggregate, filter, enhance and take actions on the data in a distributed way. It is typically installed on a factory floor server or IoT Gateways and can also be embedded in equipment, machines or vehicles.