Curious AI Wants To Make The Singularity A Reality, gets $1M for seeding.

Finland Investments 02 October 2015
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Unlike other technologies that are training computers to understand the information they’re receiving, the Curious AI programmers are actually attempting to give computers a way to learn in an unsupervised manner — a process that mimics human cognition more closely, according to company co-founder Harri Valpola.

The technology was persuasive enough to line up an EUR800,000 ($1 million) seed investment for Curious AI from ZenRobotics backers Invus and LifeLine Ventures and newcomer Balderton Capital (which will rarely take a bet so early in a company’s development).

Using that funding, Curious AI intends to sell its artifical intelligence software as a toolkit that can be applied at companies like Google, Facebook, Nvidia, or IBM — each of whom have their own deep learning and artificial intelligence programs.

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