Omaken Sports raises NOK 150 million, acquires Danish esports team Heroic.

Norway 14 February 2021

Omaken Sports, an Oslo, Norway-based esports company, announced that it secured capital funding round totalling NOK 150M ($17.8M)

The funding is a result of a private funding placemenet from undisclosed investors and is part of the company's subsequent registration on Euronext NOTC.

The money will be used to acquire the Danish esport team Heroic. As part of the acquisition, Omaken Sports will integrate its PUBG roster into the Heroic brand, which will be the brand under which the organisation's esports teams will compete.

Omaken Sports was founded in 2020 by Norwegian gaming influencer Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen and aiming to become a Nordic powerhouse within global esports.

Heroic was founded in August 2016 as part of RFRSH Entertainment. In 2018, RFRSH announced that the team had been sold to Seranades Global Inc. to comply with WESA's rules on multi-team ownership. At the time, RFRSH also owned Astralis, which was sold in July 2019 as the company opted to focus on its BLAST properties.

Total investments received (USD): 17.76M