Ridely to close a new capital round.

Sweden United States 29 April 2021

Ridely, an Uppsala, Sweden-based startup building a social network for horse riders, completed a capital investment round.

Investors include Sophie Stenbeck of Max Ventures - apart from being an investor, Sophie Stenbeck is also a very active rider.

Ridely, founded as Ztable in 2016 by CEO Ingrid Sundqvist, Erika Hjertén and Totta Ogander, developed a social network and a training calendar especially designed for horse riders, providing features such as goals setting, plan and follow up on training, and increase knowledge through filmed riding exercises with well-known riders and trainers. The app recently launched in the USA and in total has more than 150 000 users worldwide, most of them in Sweden, UK and USA.

Ridely previously raised about $500k in 2020 out of a total of $1.5M.

Total investments received (USD): 1.49M