Sturdy got funded with a seed funding round.

Sweden Germany Japan 30 April 2021

Sturdy, a Lund, Sweden-based software startup, completed a seed funding round.

The money was raised from a range of investors including Japan's NextBlue, Germany's SCNE Amplifier and Sweden's J12 Ventures.

Sturdy, founded in 2020 by CEO Kiril Videlov and Gustav Westling, developed an online first code platform that automates the majority of code management developers do - sharing, reviewing and shipping changes. The tool aims to replace Git with real-time code collaboration in the cloud - Git was created for slow-paced, offline, distributed workflows back when software was delivered on CDs, which does not reflect the way modern companies work - shipping many times per day.

Sturdy was part of the European startups at Y Combinator in winter 2021

Total investments received (USD): 1.65M