Talently does a management buy out, Spiltan exits the business.

Sweden Secondary 22 August 2018
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Talently, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company managing an HR platform, announced that its employees bought out the existing investors. As a result, the company is owned by four people, including CEO Ruben Bratt and  Felix Karlsson.

They bought out existing investors Spiltan, Håkan Sjunnesson, Lottie Knutson and initial founder and former CEO Johan Kadar.

Talently was founded in 2008 as Careereye with the aim to become the Swedish version of Glassdoor, by providing a platform for reviews and ratings for employers from employees and former employees. The company is not profitable, at revenues of SEK 20M ($2.2M) for 2017, and employs nine people work in Stockholm and eight people in Berlin.

Priro to this event, Talently raised about $2.5M.