Team Property gets capital infusion from Andreas Roseborg to further develop the esport organisation.

Sweden Investments 05 September 2017
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Team Property, a Stockholm, Sweden-based esports company, raised an undisclosed amount of investment. The backers include Andreas Roseborg, through an investment company in Tallinn, Estonia, where he resides, Mathias Hautala and Kevin Chan.

The capital will be used to further development of the company to and compete with already established brands like Fnatic and Ninjas in Pajamas.

Team Property was founded in 2010 by Aron Larsson and Cevin Crafoord under the name Property Clan as a Starcraft 2 team and forum. Today the company is a professional eSports organisation.

“I couldn´t be more excited about the future prospects for Team Property and the journey we are about to embark upon. We are a group of highly skilled individuals that complete and empower eachother. We are here to make history #weareproperty”
– Aron Larsson General Manager

“Im grateful for this opportunity and I couldn´t be more eager to become one of the owners and CEO of Team Property. Im going all-in to make this one of the greatest brands in eSports.”
– Mathias “Chip” Hautala CEO Team Property

“I have several years of elite level competitive experience in Hearthstone but during the spring of 2017 I retired as a player. I am super excited and motivated to become the Heartstone manager for Team Property. We have a bright future ahead and i will do my very best to take us to the top.”
– Kevin “Kevvec” Chan Hearthstone manager