ThirdPresence adds $2.4M in investment funding for an in-app programmatic video advertising solution.

Finland Investments 21 February 2018
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Thirdpresence, a Helsinki, Finland-based company providing video advertising solutions, announced raising $2.4M in a new investment round.

The money comes from new and existing investors, including Inventure and Tesi, and will be used to to accelerate R&D on their purpose-built AI solution.

Thirdpresence, founded in 2007 and led by CEO Valtteri Pukander, has developed an in-app video advertising solution which aims to increase ad relevancy, viewability, and brand safety by applying proprietary artificial intelligence (AI). This allows advertisers to match their branding objectives with large-scale video audiences in a safe and result-driven environment.

The company, which has offices in Helsinki, New York, and London, accounted losses of almost EUR 1M ($1.3M) in 2016, at a turnover as high.

Prior to this funding deal, Thirdpresence raised $3.7M from investors.