20 early stage startups from Spain to look at.

04 February 2021 Euro Lists
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Spain is one of the regions that has been coming up strongly in the Euro startup ecosystem in the last couple of years.

An increasing number of success stories/exits, many active angel investors from Spain, UK, Germany and US altogether (some of which made their money from selling their own startups), a few incubators mainly cloning US startups and a few high profile VCs which are already at multiple funds under management and starting to have international ambitions.

In short, we are high on Spain, we believe the talent is fantastic and the ecosystem is coming up nicely.

We looked at what happened last year in terms of early stage investments - we tracked about 200 deals with Spanish startups raising $1 million or less in 2020. We screened them, analyzed them properly (i.e we looked at TAM, the team, the model and KPIs) and produced a report profiling 20 of which we think have interesting potential to get to the next level.

The report is available here and includes:

  • 6 SAAS startups and 13 consumer-oriented startups from Spain
  • 3 food startups and 3 DTC fashion companies
  • 2 Spanish startups serving the logistics business, 2 in financial services and 2 health tech.
  • Spanish investors backing the startups profiled: Wayra, JME, K Fund, Inveready, Faraday
  • International investors: Speedinvest, Seedcamp, Kima Ventures etc


Access 20 early stage startups to look at from Spain

The report is FREE to read, but you need to login in order to access it. It takes 20 seconds, you know the drill, don't be lazy! :-)

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