A list of promising very early stage edtech startups from Europe.

11 February 2021 Insights
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Education is one of the most interesting markets that can be disrupted by technology startups.

Europe doesn't have so many success edtech stories, and Kahoot of Norway and Brainly of Poland are rather exceptions in a difficult European market.

However, Covid changed behaviours pretty quickly, particularly for schools - pre-covid, as a little example of openness to innovative adoption, schools took, on average, about 24 months to adopt a SAAS solution within their ops.

For a reality check, we had a look at the new class of the very early stage startups creating value in the education vertical. What we mean by very early stage - raised at least one capital round less than $1 million in the past 12 months.

From more than 100 fundraising deals tracked for 2020, in a $1M or less range, we selected 20 which we think are interesting and deserve further attention. We produced a report profiling them.

The report includes:

  • 4 edtech startups from Germany, 3 each from Norway and Sweden, 2 from the UK and Denmark
  • one edtech startup each from Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland
  • edtech startups mostly backed by angel investors, Atomico Angel Program, Y Combinator, Joyance Partners, Playfair Capital, K Fund, J12 Ventures etc


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