What are the hot early stage marketplace startups from Europe?

09 February 2021 Euro Lists
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We thought it would be interesting to see the new class of early stage marketplace operators from Europe and looked at the companies building such businesses. That means those startups need to make sure they optimize for both the supply side and the demand side in order to create a viable economic mechanism.

How we define hot? Those startups raised funding rounds between $1 and 5 million in the last 12 months or so - that means they achieved some sort of PMF and now they scale on local basis, as they build momentum. More importanly, they produce revenue and have early stage investors backing them.

In 2020 we tracked about 400 investment deals involving marketplace startups. Out of those, about half lies in the $1-5M category - we analyzed them and produced a report profiling 15 of the most interesting marketplace startups from Europe.


Access the report What are the hot marketplace startups from Europe?

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The report includes:

  • marketplace startups from 10 European countries: Austria, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK
  • 3 startups each active in healthcare, food and logistics.
  • one marketplace startup each building business within music, pharma, manufacturing, construction and transportation.

Access the report What are the hot marketplace startups from Europe?


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