Nordic highlights from July 2018.

Insights 11 August 2018

July in the Nordics is a holiday month, meaning everybody is gone and nobody is working, usually with deals announcements kept at minimum, probably only the ones with last minute …

Nordic highlights from June 2018.

Insights 18 July 2018

June 2018 in the Nordics marks the same slower investment pace as the average of the first five months of the year. - We recorded 83 investments for the month …

Nordic highlights from January 2018

Insights 01 February 2018

It is actually a double feature about what we saw in the Nordics, December and January, due to the holidays. 2017... ...was a relatively good year for the private investment …

Nordic highlights from November:

Insights 03 December 2017

Twenty thoughts for twenty investments in the $1-5M range made in the Nordics in November 2017... 1. We tracked 58 investment announcements from the Nordics for the month of November. …

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