Promising insurtech startups from the Nordics.

10 February 2021 Euro Lists
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Insurance is an old and boring business. It is also a huge business in the Nordic countries and not only, relatively untouched by technology - both from a process development and from a go-to-market channel perspective.

The general premise is that individual transactions can be risky, but grouped together and used with enough data, a portfolio of transactions offers better risk management capabilities.

This mechanic fits like a glove to what you can do with technology, sometimes from scratch or improving in a simple iterative way, on top of which creating a business model for reaping economic gains.

And since Nordic startups have a great appetance for building financial service operations, we produced a report listing some of the more interesting insuretch from the area.

The report includes 5 insuretech startups from Sweden, 3 from Norway and one each from Finland and Denmark.

Access Promising insurtech startups from the Nordics.

The report is FREE to read, but you need to log in order to access it. It takes 20 seconds, you know the drill, don't be lazy! :-)

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