Top 140 active VC investors in Europe in H1 2021.

15 July 2021 Euro Lists
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We tracked a number of 4370 investors active in startups based in Europe in H1 2021.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1313 venture companies
  • 1635 angel investors
  • 1422 other type of investors

Out of those 4370 investors, we put together the VCs and a few other type of investors who are not exactly VCs but behave like one, such as crossovers.

From this list, we filtered out the investors involved in at least 6 deals this year - we considered that given the record money deployment from Europe a once a month pace should be reflective of the whole big picture of what is going on on the continent.

The screening selection resulted in a number of 140 investors who did at least one deal per month in Europe in the first 6 months of 2021. We put all those names in handy report available here.


Access the report Top 140 active VC investors in Europe in H1 2021.

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