UpCloud, the Finland-based cloud computing startup, has raised €4 million in its first external round of funding.

Finland 28 November 2016

UpCloud's €4 million investment comes from a funding round led by Finnish Inventure Oy and is intended to accelerate UpCloud's growth and to further improve the products and services.

The company was founded in 2011 and is led by Antti Vilpponen, one of the co-founders and former CEO of Arctic Startup.

UpCloud provides cloud computing services at attractive prices from 4 data centers located in Helsinki, London, Chicago and Frankfurt, with the objective of becoming a global European alternative in the high-performance cloud computing space.

Our goal is to offer developers the most high performance cloud infrastructure resources and the best tools to control and manage them on a global scale. With the funding, we are able to accelerate many things towards this goal; opening of new datacenters and offices, but also – hire great people to our team. says Antti Vilpponen

Inventure is one of the most active VC companies from Scandinavia, UpCloud's round being its 4th investment in the past month and it's 7th in the last 3 months.


Total investments received (USD): 16.44M