Vue Storefront secures PLN 5.9 million from Movens and SMOK Capital

Poland 12 January 2021

Vue Storefront, a Warsawa, Poland-based developer of a headless commerce solution, announced completing a PLN 5.9 million ($1.6M) capital funding round.

The money was raised from local VC companies from Poland SMOK Capital and Movens VC.

Vue Storefront, founded in 2017 by Filip Rakowski and CEO Patrick Friday as a spinoff from another software company from Poland called Divante, developed an open source framework that is a Bodiless Frontend (Head) for Headless commerce. That means their software can be used by e-commerce companies to implement their own front-end.

The Vue framework is the fastest-growing open-source eCommerce project on GitHub and also the core product in an entire ecosystem built around it, which includes Vue Storefront Next, Shopware PWA, Storefront API, and Storefront UI.

Vue Storefront was part of the European startups at Y Combinator in winter 2021.

Total investments received (USD): 1.71M